How to Prevent Pests in the Kitchen

The kitchen should be the cleanest area of the house since it’s where food is prepared and it’s probably everyone’s favorite spot because – food is life! Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who likes your kitchen. Pests love this spot too. They like infesting this specific area of the house for obvious reasons – they love food and garbage.

We don’t want pests to contaminate our food and supplies as this can cause safety and health problems. So, here are three easy-to-follow tips to prevent pests in the kitchen.

Keep the kitchen clean

Always clean the area after preparing and eating your food. Rodents, ants, and cockroaches are attracted to food so any spills or leftovers on the countertop or sink will invite pests. Wash the dishes right away or at least rinse food residues off the plate to prevent pest infestation.

Proper food storage

Store your supplies properly. Do not leave any jars or containers with food inside open. Cover any possible entry points for ants and cockroaches. When buying snacks and dried foods, take time to check if the products are free from pests. Also, store leftover foods in the refrigerator or cover neatly and store properly in a safe area.

Take your garbage outside

Cockroaches like infesting garbage cans especially the ones with food residues. Use a bin with cover for kitchen wastes and change your garbage bag every single day. Take your garbage outside or transfer it to a larger bin at the end of the day. Your decaying food waste will smell and attract pests if you store it longer in the kitchen.


Pest infestation in your kitchen is really a problem but it can be prevented if you follow the simple tips above. Just keep your kitchen clean, remove anything that might attract ants and cockroaches, and manage your waste properly. Do not let these tiny creatures invade your space at all costs!